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PF/Tijah (Pathfinder/Tijah, pronounce as "Pee Ef Teeja") is a flexible open source text search system developed at the University of Twente in cooperation with CWI Amsterdam, the University of Tübingen, and the University of Konstanz. The system is integrated in the Pathfinder XQuery compiler and can be downloaded as part of the MonetDB/XQuery database system. PF/Tijah was developed in the MultimediaN project that ran from April 2004 until November 2009.


  • 29 May 2012: Roberto Cornacchia defends his PhD thesis at the University of Delft: Querying Sparse Matrices for Information Retrieval.
  • 6 June 2011: Maintenance of PF/Tijah is discontinued. We can give limited support for people that use the old code-base, but we will no longer fix bugs introduced by for instance running PF/Tijah on new operating systems and new hardware.
  • 22 December 2010: Stefan Klinger defends his PhD thesis at the University of Konstanz: Pathfinder - Full Text: Extending a Purely Relational XQuery Compiler with a Scoring Infrastructure for XQuery Full Text. pdf
  • 11 June 2010: CWI Spin-off Spinque uses PF/Tijah technology for their "Search by Strategy" approach, allowing to search multiple sources simultaneously, and allowing users to make arbitrary connections between information sources.
  • 4 March 2010: The newest stable release is now on-line, PF/Tijah 0.13.0 as part of Pathfinder 0.36.1
  • 11 December 2009: Towards Affordable Disclosure of Spoken Heritage Archives: an article in the Journal of Digital Information describing the NIOD demo.
  • 2-3 February 2009: Pathfinder meeting in Schloss Dagstuhl.
  • 8 January 2009: Tristan Pothoven and Marijn van Vliet developed a Digital Museum of Information Retrieval Research for accessing the old IR literature using PF/Tijah at
  • 29 November 2008: New stable release, PF/Tijah 0.9.0 as part of Pathfinder 0.26.0.
  • 13 November 2008: We added the code of a small project that was done by Douwe van der Meij for last year's Information Retrieval course, see ElectionsDemo.
  • 30 June 2008: Another stable release. This version supports the "algebra version" of Pathfinder Download PF/Tijah
  • 27 June 2008: Henning Rode defends Ph.D. thesis "From Document to Entity Retrieval: Improving Precision and Performance of Focused Text Search."
  • 17 June 2008: To facilitate topic development for the Entity Ranking track, we developed a simple but effective INEX entity ranking demo. The demo searches in about 4.5 GB of English Wikipedia articles. It is not that fast, but it was coded in less than two days: just insert the data and write an XQuery statement, done! (more About INEX Entity Search)
  • 15 April 2008: Netherlands Institute for War Documentation (NIOD) releases interviews from survivors of nazi concentration camp Buchenwald. The portal uses PF/Tijah and Shout: (Read more in the press release - in Dutch)
  • 18 February 2008: New stable release, PF/Tijah 0.5.0 as part of Pathfinder 0.22.0. We optimized the main indexing structure in this version.
  • 23-25 January 2008: Pathfinder meeting in Schloss Dagstuhl.
  • 14 November 2007: Documentation available as CTIT Technical Report 07-77. Download pdf (Please consult the site for the latest changes to the documentation.)
  • 22 October 2007: New stable release, PF/Tijah 0.3.0 as part of Pathfinder 0.20.0.
  • 21 June 2007: SIGIR will have its 30th conference this year. To celebrate this, we created some fun search applications that search the abstracts of 30 years of SIGIR proceedings at: Enter your favorite IR topic to search in the abstracts of 30 years of SIGIR and find experts, periods and geographical locations associated with your search.
  • 13 June 2007: First stable release, PF/Tijah 0.1.0 as part of Pathfinder 0.18.0.
  • 27 March 2007: PF/Tijah site launched! (you're looking at it)
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